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The selection of services provided by Lifecare Medical Service is not only of the highest quality but is also available throughout the South Island to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With a high level of highly qualified medical staff, we guarantee complete satisfaction when it comes to our patients and event organisers.

We offer a wide variety of medical crew ranging from First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, And New Zealand Registered Paramedics. We Also have a strong clinical governance comprised of Nurses, Registered Paramedics, New Zealand Registered Doctor.

Lifecare Medical Service also has our own in house medical dispatcher utilising state of the art communication and mapping systems enabling faster treatment to our patients and also giving us faster access to other emergency services. 


Event Medical Care

Lifecare Medical Service is the preferred medical provider for over 400 events a year ranging from Motocross, New Zealand Motor Racing, Speedway, Mountain bike events and more. 

We pride ourselves on our prices and quality of service whilst still being able to offer our event organisers the same care and  medical staff they would usually get from other providers. 

We work closely with a number of other independent ambulance providers across New Zealand enabling us to increase our staff numbers at larger events if required or utilising more vehicles. 



Due to wait times increasing for a frontline ambulance in the weekends this service has been put in place to minimize the wait time for getting medical treatment or while waiting for a frontline ambulance for low acuity patients on a Friday and Saturday night as the demand and wait times for a frontline ambulance increase.


This service is provided FREE to the community and will offer a range of services to help those in need such as being able to take those who are fit to sit to 24 Hour Surgery, Accident And Emergency, And also provide welfare checks on elderly and mental health welfare checks. 


NZQA Workplace First Aid

Lifecare Medical Service have teamed up with other organisations to offer the best practical and lecture-based first aid courses that are run by ex ambulance officers or current practicing ambulance officers. This allows your trainers to pass on the knowledge and skills they have learnt first hand and incorporate it in a way that others can gain the skills and knowledge to help in a first aid situation.

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