About Lifecare Medical Service


As a leader in the industry, Lifecare Medical Service has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s incomparable. We utilize this experience to provide both event managers and individuals with quality and an unbeatable service they can truly count on.


In addition, we ensure that we stay ahead of the industry curve by using the latest technologies in patient care and purpose built vehicles. Rest assured that no matter what you need, you can rely on us to provide the absolute best. Keep browsing through our site to learn more.

Over the last Seven years Lifecare has grown to be the preferred provider for medical care within the event sector due to our prices point and working with event managment to minimize the risk of injury at their events. 

Because Lifecare work with a number of other independent ambulance providers throughout New Zealand this means we can offer more to our clients such as an increase of medical staff for larger events and also a range of different vehicles from purpose built ambulance's to 4wd ambulance vehicles and rapid response vehicles. 

Driven by success