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What training does your staff undertake

Lifecare Ambulance staff come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Most of our staff are ex St John ambulance and therefor hold their National Diploma In Ambulance Practice or Bachelor's In Health Science Paramedicine. Others who are not from an ambulance background hold their Internationally Reconised Qualification in Pre Hospital Emergency Care And Trauma. Our team also have to undergo further clinical training as well as driver training for urgent driving before staff can drive under lights and sirens to a call. Our staff range from First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, New Zealand Registered Paramedic. All staff that hold an ATP has been signed of by our Medical Director who is a New Zealand Registered Doctor and is closely monitored by our Clinical Governance comprised of NZ nurses, NZ Registered Paramedics.  

What equipment do you carry.

Our Medical Response vehicle is all time 4x4 and carries all the lifesaving equipment a front line ambulance carries without the stretcher. Our lifesaving equipment includes AED defibrillator's, ECG patient monitoring machines, Oxygen and airway management gear, A range of medications and pain relief, And obviously all our trauma and emergency medical equipment.

Our Mercedes Ambulance carries all of the above medical equipment but also carries our multi level ambulance stretcher which is used for transportation of patients to Hospital, Doctors, And Rest Homes. We have added additional seating into our ambulance to accommodate family members wishing to travel with their family or friends. Our ambulance is used for larger events where patients may need to be transported to meet the rescue chopper and for patient transfers around the South Island. 

What services does your company offer

Lifecare Ambulance offer a wide variety of medical service's throughout the South Island working alongside other medical providers. We provide event medical services for a range of events from Mountain biking, Triathlon's, Motor Cross, New Zealand Motor Racing and  much more all throughout the South Island.

We also as of recently have added our Medical Response service to aid those during the weekend who require medical treatment and transport to the Hospital if they are Fit To Sit and also to 24 Hour Surgery. This service aims to get the community faster medical treatment and seen faster with the potential to treat patients at home without requiring needing to go to the hospital or doctors that night. We also provide welfare checks on the elderly and mental health patients working alongside other health organisations in the community to make this possible. 

Do you have your own call center or dispatcher ?

Yes we do. Lifecare Medical dispatch system incorporates a rang of technology that helps our team our during an event and call outs. Our dispatcher has a fully integrated system allowing them to get all the details required from the caller with our ambulance questioner call out form allowing our dispatcher to input all the information from the caller and drop box a selection of questions and notes. From there out dispatcher inputs the job into our paging system and then send the job details to our medical crew via pager and SMS system. Our dispatcher can see where our teams are at all times on our state of the art mapping systems and radio through to the medical crews responding and vise versa. All our vehicles are equipped with an  MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) allowing medical crews to see any job updates, Communicate with the dispatcher via voice and SMS, And also runs the EPRF system (Electronic Patient Report Form) which at the end of the job gets sent through to the dispatcher and then forwarded onto our clinical team, Hospital or Doctors.