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Providing Everything You Need


Event medical cover.

Lifecare Ambulance Service is the preferred medical provider for a number of event organizers throughout the South Island. Covering everything from motocross, speedway, motorsports, multi-sport events and more.


Patient transfer's

We pride ourselves on providing a timely response for patient transfers to and from hospital, rest homes, private residents, and doctor clinics.

Effective and timely transport means someone getting the help they need when they need it which in turn can provide a better outcome for the patient.


Rapid response.

With wait times increasing for a frontline ambulance Lifecare provides a rapid response service from 6pm on a Friday till 8PM on a Sunday.

This service does not replace calling 111 for an ambulance but does provide faster initial treatment for patients who are deemed low acuity meaning higher acuity ambulance jobs may take priority.


If the patient is deemed by our medical crew as fit to sit then we also have the option of transporting the patient to 24 Hour Surgery or Accident & Emergency.

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